Mike Cohn

M.Ed Human Resource Development from University of Minnesota 1997

In 2012 Mike began taking classes with Young Dance where he has performed in the following integrated dances: In My Body Are These Islands (choreographed by Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company, 2012); Join the Dance (collaboration with Young Dance, the Dance Exchange and Minnesota Chorale, 2012); University Choir Project (collaboration with Young Dance and the University Choir, 2013); Wild Swans (Gretchen Pick, 2014).

He have also danced with Gomez Dance Group (Body Language, 2013) and performed in the 2013 MN SAGE award winning duet Folding in Wings (Megan Flood). Mike  collaborated with Rebecca Tanner for the Zone show Fall 2013 and 2015 VSA ADA 25th Anniversary, and also collaborated with Dan Sed Spring Zone show and Jan 2015. Mike has taught for Young Dance in residencies at schools and day programs that serve adults living with disabilities such as Arts as Dance: Struthers Parkinson's Center Adult Day Program Dec 2014, Camp Courage July 2014.

Mike presented his own choreography at Zenon Dance Schools 2013-present, Block E performance; VSA Minnesota’s Chataqua; 9x22, "Artists Disabling Assumptions" project at the Northfield Arts Guild, Patrick’s Cabaret LoveABLE 2014, CabeABLE 2015,  along with an evening length production, My Body How It Works in April 2016 that will feature an integrated cast of dancers.

Mike received a VSA Minnesota’s Emerging Artist grant in 2015 and will present an evening of my his own choreography. In 2015 he founded "I Can Dance You Can Dance." The mission is: Teach our bodies to move. Movement makes dance powerful. Understanding, how to use the body and the tools of a walker and manual wheelchair in making and teaching Integrated Dance.