Cohn Rock: Cat Sanctuary 

Coming soon! 2018!

A brand new show straight from the mind of Mike Cohn about a Cat Sanctuary and the journey of three cats finding a home, safety, and adventure. Join Princess Peanut and others through this magical musical with dancing and lots of meows. Auditions in July 2017. Performance dates to be determined.

Mike's love for cats is stronger than his love for dance. Mike Cohn's brand new theatrical show is just that! Love of dance and cats are combined for Mike's newest show "Cohn Rock: Cat Sanctuary". The show is now in preproduction and looking to expand it's reach and funds. If you share the love of dance and cats please donate to this production. All donations are greatly appreciated to help not only launch this production into reality, but also to help cats in need. Half of the proceeds of each performance will be donated to non-profit organizations that help cats of all kinds. The show will be kicking off in 2018 and auditions will start in July of 2017. All donors will be included in the show's program and every dollar helps. "Meow"- (thank you).