Performance at the Northfield Arts Guild October 17th, 2015.

Performed by Mike Cohn and Rebecca Tanner this dance was for Zenon Dance School and it is called "Balance".

Mike Cohn and hip hop dancers, J-Sun and Step Child made an edgy dance called Car Crash. Car Crash deals with people thinking that it is okay to take pictures with people with disabilities. This gives them the idea that photos are a way to make disabled people look better. Mike Cohn says, "Not cool".


Body Language was a show designed by Twin Cities dance teacher. Maria Tierney is very active with Young Dance. As a dancer in Body Language we got a chance to move and express our body new ways. This is a duet with Mike Cohn and Andrea Zimmerman. Choreographed by Megan Flood. Music: Hard Times, Come Again No More by Stephen Foster, played by Dean Magraw (guitar)

The River is a place to clear your mind, body and soul.  Performed at VSA Minnesota Arts Access Chautauqua on Friday evening, September 25, 2015, in downtown Minneapolis at the Cowles Center for Dance & Performing Arts. The 7:30 pm performance is part of a two-day gathering to celebrate artists with disabilities in light of civil rights provided in the ADA, signed into law 25 years ago.The River duet with Mike Cohn and Carol Oyanagi.

Mike Cohn and Dan Sedgeman team up with The Rowdy Cowboy Show's dance team members Danie George and Christal Bluhm to integrate line dancing and choreographed wheel chair movements.

Performers Mike Cohn, Brian Evans, Gretchen Pick, Dwayne Scheunemann, and Andrea Zimmerman. Choreography by Maria Gomez Tierney/dancers. Costume design by Angie Vo. Musicians: Conor O'Brien- violin, Nina Olsen-clarinet, Jacqueline Ultan-cello and Composer: Sarah Miller.

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Mike take people on a trip with his life using photos and showing that there are many form of dance and ways to move with a disability. Music is a strong tool. Name of the show was  Artists Disabling Assumptions Day of Performances.